21-32-19Payment of certain medical and property damage claims against state--Rules.

The commissioner of human resources and administration may adopt rules pursuant to chapter 1-26 establishing a policy for the payment of, and may pay for, property damage and medical claims made against the state up to an amount of two thousand dollars. Any rules adopted by the commissioner pursuant to §§ 21-32-19 to 21-32-21, inclusive, shall provide for approval of claims by the attorney general prior to payment, require a release of all claims against the state or any employee or agent thereof arising from the incident, require a written statement of any state employee involved in an incident regarding the facts involved, allow payment only when the settled law of this state would impose liability upon the state or its employee in the absence of governmental or sovereign immunity and provide that any payment be reduced by any amount owed to the state or any of its agencies by the claimant.

Source: SL 1988, ch 183, § 1; SL 2024, ch 1 (Ex. Ord. 24-1), §§ 13, 34, eff. Apr. 8, 2024.