21-35-1    Condemnors covered by chapter--Petition for ascertainment of compensation by jury.

21-35-1.1    Trans-state transmission line construction--Eminent domain.

21-35-2    Contents of petition for ascertainment of compensation.

21-35-3    Amendment of petition and notice.

21-35-4    Verification of petition--Statement of good faith.

21-35-5    Attachment of document authorizing condemnation.

21-35-6    Additional pleadings not required.

21-35-7    Interpleader of adverse claimants to compensation.

21-35-8    Notice of pendency of action filed with register of deeds--Effect of recording.

21-35-9    Summons to defendants--Contents.

21-35-10    Publication of summons to unknown or nonresident owners--Personal service outside state.

21-35-10.1    Hearing on right to take--Time for demand--Waiver of right to question necessity--Finding of necessity as binding.

21-35-11    Offer to deposit compensation with clerk--Evidence of offer not admissible--Costs avoided.

21-35-11.1    Mediation.

21-35-12    Order to summon jury on default.

21-35-13    Special term of court for jury trial--Challenge of jurors--Conduct of trial--Default by plaintiff.

21-35-14    Continuance of proceedings as to defendants not served.

21-35-15    Issue tried by jury.

21-35-16    View of premises by jury.

21-35-17    Benefits of municipal improvement considered by jury.

21-35-18    Compensation determined for each parcel.

21-35-19    Recording of verdict--Judgment on verdict.

21-35-20    Appeal to Supreme Court--Improvement not delayed--Security for payment of award.

21-35-21    Highway provisions not affected--Proceeding cumulative.

21-35-22    Defendant's expenses paid by plaintiff on dismissal.

21-35-23    Allowance of expenses where judgment greatly exceeds offer.

21-35-24    Railroad or gas or electric utility property condemned for coal pipelines--Declaration of taking--Contents.

21-35-25    Vesting of title to property and right to compensation.

21-35-26    Terms of surrender of possession--Notice--Hearing--Orders of court.

21-35-27    Service of declaration of taking on defendants.

21-35-28    Amendment of declaration of taking.

21-35-29    Deposit with court required.

21-35-30    Order for payment from deposit--Judgment for amount by which final award exceeds deposit.

21-35-31    Entry on private property--Survey--Project permitted by Public Utilities Commission--Requirements--Challenge permitted--Applicability--"Examination" and "survey" defined.