21-36-1    Power of state to maintain actions and proceedings--Prosecution by attorney general or state's attorney.

21-36-2    Report by state's attorneys and circuit judges of possible escheats.

21-36-3    Investigation and bringing of action by attorney general.

21-36-4    Intervention in probate proceedings in lieu of bringing action.

21-36-5    Direction by Governor for institution of proceedings.

21-36-6    State's attorney to assist on request by attorney general.

21-36-7    Complaint filed to bring action--Parties defendant.

21-36-8    Allegations required in complaint for escheat.

21-36-9    Summons filed--Persons to whom directed--Contents.

21-36-10    Publication of summons and complaint--Personal service--Service by mail.

21-36-11    Answer to complaint--Reply.

21-36-12    Receiver appointed on application by state.

21-36-13    Concurrent remedies by action and participation in probate proceedings.

21-36-14    Retention of jurisdiction by circuit court for payment of claims and conservation of estate--Surrender of property to receiver--Stay of proceedings in circuit court.

21-36-15    Circuit court not to settle estate unless state has intervened.

21-36-16    Claims to distributive shares determined in circuit court--Practice and procedure rules.

21-36-17    Judgment for state if no answer or motion served--Proof required.

21-36-18    Placement on trial calendar if issue joined.

21-36-19    Pleadings and testimony in prior proceedings admissible in evidence.

21-36-20    Hearing and judgment--Costs.

21-36-21    Recording of judgment where title to real property determined.

21-36-22    Personal property sold--Proceeds held in special fund--Fixtures treated as personal property--Credit to school fund.

21-36-23    Real property managed by commissioner of school and public lands--Sale of property--Disposition of proceeds.

21-36-24    Action by heirs to recover property escheated--Time for bringing action.

21-36-25    Summons and complaint of adverse claimant--Answer and trial.

21-36-26    Judgment for claimant to escheated property--Restoration of property--Interest not included in judgment.

21-36-27    Claims to escheated property barred by limitations--Persons under disability.

21-36-28    Appeal to Supreme Court.

21-36-29    Escheated property credited to school fund.