21-41-1    Action authorized--Purposes of action--Persons authorized to maintain action--Parties defendant.

21-41-2    Joinder of causes of action as to different tracts or parcels--Common interest required.

21-41-3    Request before action for quitclaim deed--Expense tendered--Costs and attorney fees.

21-41-4    Joinder of parties plaintiff.

21-41-5    Joinder of known claimants as defendants.

21-41-6    Joinder of unknown claimants as defendants--Proof of want of knowledge.

21-41-7    Filing of complaint and summons--Form for summons.

21-41-8    Service of summons on named defendants.

21-41-9    Service by publication on unknown defendants--Mail service not required--Effect of service by publication.

21-41-10    Validation of prior judgments based on personal service outside state--Rights barred by no action.

21-41-11    Contents of complaint.

21-41-12    Lis pendens notice filed with register of deeds--Constructive notice--Destruction of records.

21-41-13    Disclaimer by defendant to avoid costs.

21-41-14    Contents of defendant's answer--Counterclaim permitted.

21-41-15    Counterclaim for improvements to include value of land and improvements--Issue and findings on valuation.

21-41-16    Judgment on counterclaim for improvements--Payment for land on default by plaintiff.

21-41-17    Enforcement against property of claim against deceased defendant.

21-41-18    Jurisdiction of court to determine rights in decedents' estates.

21-41-19    Jurisdiction of decedent's estate from time of publication of summons.

21-41-20    Repealed

21-41-21    21-41-21. Obsolete.

21-41-22    Allowance of plaintiff's claim for improvements--Value alleged in complaint.

21-41-23    Judgment for defendant requiring payment for plaintiff's improvements--Payment for land on default by defendant.

21-41-24    Bond required to indemnify against defenses permitted after judgment.

21-41-25    Relief from default judgment--Rights of good faith purchaser preserved.