21-44-1    Definition of terms.

21-44-2    Recording death certificate--Prima facie evidence--Affidavit identifying property.

21-44-3    Proceeding for termination of life estate--Contents of verified petition.

21-44-4    Joinder of proceedings as to two or more life tenants.

21-44-5    Joinder of proceedings as to all property held by life tenant.

21-44-6    Life estates in personal property subject to termination--Joinder with proceedings as to real property.

21-44-7    Lis pendens notice required if property in another county affected.

21-44-8    Order fixing time and place for hearing on petition--Contents.

21-44-9    Publication of notice of hearing--Mail notice to parties--Other notice ordered by court.

21-44-10    Repealed

21-44-11    Validation of prior inheritance tax determinations in circuit court.

21-44-12    Persons permitted to appear at hearing on termination of estate.

21-44-13    Procedure on contested petitions.

21-44-14    Inquiry and proof required on uncontested petition.

21-44-15    Clear and convincing proof required--Adjournment to secure additional evidence--Affidavits to establish death of life tenant.

21-44-16    Statement or affidavit establishing death of person in military service.

21-44-17    Presumption of death after seven years' absence.

21-44-18    Denial of petition if proof insufficient--Order to proceed in quiet title action.

21-44-19    Judgment finding life tenant deceased and terminating life estate--Effect of judgment.

21-44-20    Validation of prior proceedings as to personal property.

21-44-21    Validation of prior proceedings joining different claims as to personal property--Protection of vested rights.

21-44-22    Validation of prior proceedings where notice or allegations were insufficient.

21-44-23    Recording of judgment terminating estate--Prima facie evidence.

21-44-24    Action to set aside judgment terminating estate--Bona fide purchaser or encumbrancer protected.

21-44-25    Prospective and retrospective application of chapter.

21-44-26    Remedy not exclusive.

21-44-27    Spousal joint tenancy termination.