21-54-1    Remedy available where no other summary procedure provided.

21-54-2    Pledges foreclosed in manner prescribed by contract--Chapter applicable if procedure not prescribed.

21-54-3    Owner's affidavit of defense to summary foreclosure--Injunction requiring foreclosure by action--Costs taxed if defense not established.

21-54-4    Affidavit of lien recorded if lien not previously recorded.

21-54-5    Notice of sale issued--Contents.

21-54-6    Service of notice of sale--Mailing, publication and posting.

21-54-7    Place of sale--Notice of public access.

21-54-8    Time of sale--Adjournment to following day.

21-54-9    Sale of property in parts--Order of sale--Termination when sufficient amount raised.

21-54-10    Sale at auction to highest bidder--Purchase by lien holder.

21-54-11    Purchaser's title absolute and beyond redemption--Certificate or bill of sale--Evidence sufficient for registration of title.

21-54-12    Surplus paid to owner or clerk of courts.

21-54-13    Civil action for deficiency.

21-54-14    Report of proceedings--Contents and time of filing.

21-54-15    Abandoned mobile or manufactured home--Sale or disposal by real property owner--Notice to home owner--Promulgation of rules.

21-54-16    Notice to county treasurer of intent to sell or dispose--Promulgation of rules.

21-54-17    Disposition of abandoned mobile home or manufactured home that fails to sell--Abandoned title.

21-54-17.1    Disposal in lieu of sale--Abandoned title required.

21-54-18    Permit to move abandoned mobile home or manufactured home--Promulgation of rules.

21-54-19    Abatement of taxes owed on abandoned mobile home or manufactured home.

21-54-20    Voluntary transfer of title to mobile home or manufactured home to real property owner for disposal--Affidavit--Permit--Surrender of title to county treasurer.

21-54-21    Abatement of taxes on mobile home or manufactured home upon filing of affidavit and surrender of title.