01    Actions For Damages Generally

02    Damages For Breach Of Contract

03    Damages For Torts

03A    Periodic Payments Of Certain Judgments And Settlements

03B    Structured Settlements

04    Actions For Breach Of Promise And Seduction [Repealed]

05    Wrongful Death Actions

06    Recovery Of Gambling Losses

07    Actions For Waste

08    Injunction

09    Actions For Specific Performance

10    Remedies Against Nuisances

10A    Remedies For Protection Of Environment [Transferred]

11    Revision Of Contracts

12    Rescission Of Contracts

13    Cancellation Of Instruments

14    Actions For Recovery Of Property

15    Claim And Delivery Of Personal Property

16    Forcible Entry And Detainer

17    Attachment Of Property [Repealed]

17A    Attachment Of Property

18    Garnishment Of Debts And Property

19    Claim Of Homestead And Personal Property Exemptions

20    Relief Against Oppressive Levies

21    Receivership

22    Administration Of Trust Estates

23    Judicial Sales

24    Declaratory Judgment

25    Submission Of Stipulated Case [Repealed]

25A    Enforcement Of Arbitration Agreements

25B    Arbitration Agreements Relating To Medical Services

26    Confession Of Judgment

27    Habeas Corpus

28    Remedies In Nature Of Quo Warranto And Scire Facias

29    Writ Of Mandamus

30    Writ Of Prohibition

31    Certiorari

32    Remedies Against The State

32A    Remedies Against Public Entities

33    Appeals From Administrative Agencies [Repealed]

34    Administrative Process Enforced Under Contempt Powers

35    Condemnation Under Power Of Eminent Domain

36    Actions For Escheat Of Property

37    Change Of Name

38    Restoration Of Public Records

39    Determination Of Heirship

40    Boundary Determinations

41    Actions To Quiet Title To Real Property

42    Actions To Quiet Tax Title

43    Actions To Determine Claims To Personalty And To Release Surety

44    Termination Of Life Estates

45    Partition And Sale Of Real Estate

46    Partition And Sale Of Personal Property

47    Actions To Foreclose Real Property Mortgages

48    Foreclosure Of Real Property Mortgage By Advertisement

48A    Nonjudicial Voluntary Foreclosure

49    Short-Term Redemption Mortgages

50    Foreclosure Of Real Estate Contracts

51    Discharge Of Recorded Liens And Real Estate Contracts

52    Redemption From Sale On Execution Or Foreclosure

53    Actions To Foreclose Liens On Personal Property

54    Foreclosure Of Personal Property Liens And Pledges By Advertisement

55    Actions For Wrongful Life Prohibited

56    General Provisions

57    Recovery Of Damages For Instruments Not Paid Upon Presentment

58    Limited Liability For Manufacture, Distribution Or Sale Of Firearms

59    Limited Liability For Year 2000 Litigation [Repealed]

60    Action For Destruction Of Field Crops, Animals And Organisms

61    Commonsense Consumption

62    Prisoners' Actions

63    Aviation Product Liability

64    Unauthorized Commercial Use Of Personality's Right Of Publicity

65    Protection Of Vulnerable Adults

66    Asbestos Trust Claims

67    Uniform Civil Remedies For Unauthorized Disclosure Of Intimate Images Act

68    Limitation Of Liability For Exposure To Covid-19