22-14-12. Commission of felony while armed with firearms--Felony--Minimum sentences--Consecutive sentencing--Execution of sentence.

Any person who commits or attempts to commit any felony while armed with a firearm, including a machine gun or short shotgun, is guilty of a Class 2 felony for the first conviction. A second or subsequent conviction is a Class 1 felony. The sentence imposed for a first conviction under this section shall carry a minimum sentence of imprisonment in a state correctional facility of five years. In case of a second or subsequent conviction under this section such person shall be sentenced to a minimum imprisonment of ten years in a state correctional facility.

Any sentence imposed under this section shall be consecutive to any other sentences imposed for a violation of the principal felony. The court may not place on probation, suspend the execution of the sentence, or suspend the imposition of the sentence of any person convicted of a violation of this section.

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