22-19A-1    Stalking--Violation as misdemeanor--Second or subsequent offense a felony.

22-19A-2    Violation of restraining order, injunction, protection order, or no contact order as felony.

22-19A-3    Stalking--Subsequent convictions--Violation as felony.

22-19A-4    Harasses defined.

22-19A-5    Course of conduct defined.

22-19A-6    Credible threat defined.

22-19A-7    Stalking a child twelve or younger--Felony.

22-19A-8    Petition for protection order--Procedures.

22-19A-8.1    Petition for protection order in which allegations support domestic abuse rather than stalking or physical injury.

22-19A-9    Filing petition for protection--Venue.

22-19A-10    Hearing on petition for protection--Time--Service on respondent.

22-19A-11    Relief granted by protection order.

22-19A-12    Ex parte temporary order pending full hearing on petition for protection.

22-19A-13    Exceptional circumstances required before security authorized.

22-19A-14    Modification of terms of protection order.

22-19A-15    Delivery of protection order to law enforcement agency--Notice of order to officers.

22-19A-16    Protection order--Violation--Penalty.

22-19A-17    Defendant prohibited from contacting victim prior to court appearance--Misdemeanor.

22-19A-18    Bond--No contact terms--Misdemeanor.