22-22-1.3. Contents of presentence investigation report for person convicted of sex crime.

Any person convicted of a felony violation as provided in subdivisions 22-24B-1(1) to (15), inclusive, and (19), (24) and (25), shall have included in the offender's presentence investigation report a psycho-sexual assessment including the following information: the offender's sexual history; an identification of precursor activities to sexual offending; intellectual, adaptive and academic functioning; social and emotional functioning; previous legal history; previous treatment history; victim selection and age; risk to the community; and treatment options recommended. If a presentence investigation is not prepared, the court shall order a psycho-sexual assessment which shall be made available to the court prior to sentencing. If the offender is sentenced to a state correctional facility, the psycho-sexual assessment shall be attached to the official statement and supplied to the Board of Pardons and Paroles and the warden.

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