22-24-56. Public libraries to restrict access to obscene materials on public access computers.

Each public library in the state shall:

(1)    Equip each public access computer with software that will limit minors' ability to gain access to obscene matter or material, as defined by § 22-24-27, or purchase internet connectivity from an internet service provider that provides filter services to limit access to obscene material; and

(2)    Develop and implement, by January 1, 2025, a local policy that establishes measures to restrict minors from accessing obscene matter or materials. The public library shall:

(a)    Publish the policy on the official website of the political subdivision that maintains the library; or

(b)    Publish the policy annually in a legal newspaper designated by the governing body of the political subdivision that maintains the library pursuant to § 7-18-3 or 9-12-6.

Source: SL 1999, ch 76, § 2; SL 2024, ch 86, § 2.