22-24A-1    Sale of child pornography--Felony.

22-24A-1.1    Manufacturing or distributing child-like sex doll--Felony.

22-24A-2    Definitions.

22-24A-3    Possessing, manufacturing, or distributing child pornography--Felonies--Assessment.

22-24A-3.1    Purchasing or possessing child-like sex doll--Misdemeanor or felony.

22-24A-4    Minor and solicit defined.

22-24A-5    Solicitation of a minor--Felony--Assessment.

22-24A-6    Nonresident violating child protection laws subject to state court jurisdiction--Service of process.

22-24A-7    Liability for civil damages.

22-24A-8    Persons who may bring action for damages.

22-24A-9    Persons from whom damages may be sought.

22-24A-10    Damages recoverable.

22-24A-11    Joinder of plaintiffs--Joinder of defendants.

22-24A-12    Judgment debtor ineligible to exempt property from levy or execution--Assets subject to forfeiture.

22-24A-13    Statute of limitations.

22-24A-14    Civil action stayed pending completion of criminal action--Statute of limitations tolled.

22-24A-15    Property subject to forfeiture.

22-24A-15.1    22-24A-15.1 to 22-24A-15.5. Repealed by SL 2016, ch 138, §§ 40 to 44.

22-24A-16    Internet service providers to report suspected violations of child pornography laws--Permitting subscriber to use service for child pornography prohibited--Misdemeanor.

22-24A-17    Film processors to report suspected violations of child pornography laws--Permitting use of services for child pornography prohibited--Misdemeanor.

22-24A-18    Computer repair technicians to report suspected violations of child pornography laws--Misdemeanor.

22-24A-19    Certain child protection laws inapplicable to performance of official duties or bona fide treatment or professional education program.

22-24A-20    Exemption of publications with redeeming social value.

22-24A-21    22-24A-21 to 22-24A-34. Repealed by SL 2016, ch 138, §§ 45 to 58.