22-24B-19.4. Criteria for removal from registry--Removed from out-of-state registry.

Notwithstanding §§ 22-24B-19 and 22-24B-19.1, an offender who is required to register in this state as a sex offender because of any crime committed in another jurisdiction, if that jurisdiction also requires anyone convicted of that crime to register as a sex offender, may petition to be removed from the registry of this state if the offender is eligible to be removed under the laws of the jurisdiction where the conviction occurred. In addition to the documentation required pursuant to § 22-24B-18, to be eligible to be removed under this section, the petitioner must provide a certified copy of the final order from the convicting jurisdiction removing the offender from the registry of the convicting jurisdiction.

Source: SL 2023, ch 72, § 1.