22-24B-20. Order for removal of name from sex offender registry--Denial of petition.

If the court finds that all of the criteria described in § 22-24B-19, 22-24B-19.1, or 22-24B-19.4 have been met and that the petitioner is not likely to offend again, then the court may, in its discretion, enter an order terminating the petitioner's obligation to register in this state and require the removal of petitioner's name from the registry. However, if the court finds that the offender has provided false, misleading, or incomplete information in support of the petition, or failed to serve the petition and supporting documentation upon the respondent, then the petition may be denied. If the petition is denied, the petitioner may not file a subsequent petition for at least two years from the date the previous petition was denied.

Source: SL 2005, ch 120, § 423; SL 2010, ch 119, § 5; SL 2023, ch 72, § 3.