22-6-11. Presumptive sentence of probation or fully suspended state correctional facility sentence--Departure for aggravating circumstances.

The sentencing court shall sentence an offender convicted of a Class 5 or Class 6 felony, except those convicted under §§ 22-11A-2.1, 22-14-15, 22-18-1, 22-18-1.05, 22-18-26, 22-18-29, 22-19A-1, 22-19A-2, 22-19A-3, 22-19A-7, 22-19A-16, 22-22A-2, 22-22A-4, 22-24A-3, 22-22-24.3, subdivision 22-23-2(2), 22-24-1.2, 22-24B-2, 22-24B-12, 22-24B-12.1, 22-24B-23, 22-30A-46, 22-42-7, subdivision 24-2-14(1), 32-34-5, and any person ineligible for probation under § 23A-27-12, to a term of probation. If the offender is under the supervision of the Department of Corrections, the court shall order a fully suspended state incarceration sentence pursuant to § 23A-27-18.4. The sentencing court may impose a sentence other than probation or a fully suspended state incarceration sentence if the court finds aggravating circumstances exist that pose a significant risk to the public and require a departure from presumptive probation under this section. If a departure is made, the judge shall state on the record at the time of sentencing the aggravating circumstances and the same shall be stated in the dispositional order. Neither this section nor its application may be the basis for establishing a constitutionally protected liberty, property, or due process interest.

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