23-24-1    Definition of terms.

23-24-2    Fugitives from other states--Governor to cause arrest and delivery.

23-24-3    Form of demand for extradition to another state.

23-24-4    Investigation by Governor.

23-24-5    Agreement for return of fugitive to this state after trial or sentence in another state.

23-24-6    Fugitive from another state who departed therefrom involuntarily.

23-24-7    Fugitive from another state who was absent therefrom at the time of the commission of the crime.

23-24-8    Governor's warrant of arrest--Issuance--Recitals.

23-24-9    Manner and place of execution.

23-24-10    Authority of arresting officer.

23-24-11    Rights of accused person before delivery to agent for extradition--Violation as misdemeanor.

23-24-12    Application for habeas corpus to test legality of arrest.

23-24-13    Confinement in jail when necessary.

23-24-14    Taking prisoner from another state to demanding state through this state--Confinement in jail.

23-24-15    Arrest prior to requisition.

23-24-16    Arrest without a warrant.

23-24-17    Commitment to await requisition.

23-24-18    Bail pending proceedings--Conditions of bond.

23-24-19    Failure to arrest under Governor's warrant within specified time--Discharge or recommitment--New bail.

23-24-20    Forfeiture of bail.

23-24-21    Persons under criminal prosecution in this state at time of requisition.

23-24-22    Identifying prisoner as the person charged with the crime--No other inquiry concerning guilt.

23-24-23    Governor may recall warrant or issue alias.

23-24-24    Written waiver of extradition proceedings.

23-24-25    Consent to return to demanding state--Execution--Filing--Effect.

23-24-26    Voluntary return without formality.

23-24-27    Nonwaiver by this state.

23-24-28    Fugitives from this state--Governor to issue warrant.

23-24-29    Application for Governor's requisition from another state--Person charged with crime--Contents--Certification by prosecuting attorney.

23-24-30    Person convicted of escaping or violating bail, probation or parole--Application for requisition, by whom made, contents.

23-24-31    Application for Governor's requisition--Verification--Accompanying documents.

23-24-32    Disposition of copies of application and accompanying documents.

23-24-33    Immunity from civil process.

23-24-34    No immunity as to prosecution for other crimes.

23-24-35    Compensation in extradition cases--Authorization by Governor required--Unauthorized asking or receiving as misdemeanor--Officer defined.

23-24-36    Custody and restraint of person in South Dakota by agent of foreign state.

23-24-37    Uniformity of interpretation.

23-24-38    Severability of provisions.

23-24-39    Citation of uniform provision.