23-24A-12. State's request for temporary custody and availability--Approval by court of requesting state--Time for action by Governor of sending state--Notice to prisoner.

The appropriate officer of the jurisdiction in which an untried indictment, information, or complaint is pending is entitled to have a prisoner against whom the officer has lodged a detainer and who is serving a term of imprisonment in any party state made available in accordance with § 23-24A-17 upon presentation of a written request for temporary custody or availability to the appropriate authorities of the state in which the prisoner is incarcerated, provided that the court, having jurisdiction of such indictment, information, or complaint has duly approved, recorded, and transmitted the request, and provided that there is a period of thirty days after receipt by the appropriate authorities before the request is honored, during which period the Governor of the sending state may disapprove the request for temporary custody or availability, either upon the Governor's own motion or upon motion of the prisoner. The prisoner shall receive immediate notice of a request and shall be informed of his right to petition the Governor of the sending state to disapprove the request.

Source: SL 1972, ch 150, § 10; SL 2023, ch 3, § 35.