23-24A-1    Findings, policy, and purpose of party states.

23-24A-2    Definition of terms.

23-24A-3    Notice by prisoner of place of imprisonment and request for final disposition--Time for trial--Continuance.

23-24A-4    Prisoner to be informed of detainer and right to final disposition.

23-24A-5    Prisoner's notice and request delivered to custodial officer--Forwarding to prosecuting officials.

23-24A-6    Certificate of custodial official to accompany prisoner's request for final disposition--Contents.

23-24A-7    Notice by custodial officer to prosecuting officers and courts of prisoner's request for final disposition.

23-24A-8    Request for final disposition as waiver of extradition--Consent to court appearance--Concurrent sentence.

23-24A-9    Escape voids request for final disposition.

23-24A-10    Request for disposition includes all untried accusations.

23-24A-11    Dismissal of accusations not tried before return to place of imprisonment.

23-24A-12    State's request for temporary custody and availability--Approval by court of requesting state--Time for action by Governor of sending state--Notice to prisoner.

23-24A-13    Custodial officer's certificate as to terms of imprisonment--Contents--Notice to other agencies in requesting state.

23-24A-14    Time for trial after return to requesting state--Continuance.

23-24A-15    Tolling of time periods for trial.

23-24A-16    Right of prisoner to contest legality of delivery.

23-24A-17    Delivery of temporary custody by sending state--Offer to accompany prisoner's request for final disposition--Federal prisoner.

23-24A-18    Documents required of officer accepting temporary custody.

23-24A-19    Duty of custodial officer to give over person of inmate.

23-24A-20    Limitation on purpose of temporary custody--Type of jail used for prisoner.

23-24A-21    Escape while in another state.

23-24A-22    Dismissal of accusation on failure to accept custody or try case--Detainer void.

23-24A-23    Running of sentence during temporary custody--Good time earned.

23-24A-24    Prisoner deemed in custody and jurisdiction of sending state--Escape from temporary custody.

23-24A-25    Responsibilities of receiving state--Supplementary agreement for allocation of costs and responsibilities--Internal relationships in state not altered.

23-24A-26    Dismissal of accusation not tried before return to imprisonment.

23-24A-27    Return of prisoner to sending state.

23-24A-28    Mentally ill persons not covered.

23-24A-29    Habitual offenders law not covered.

23-24A-30    Designation of officer in party states to implement agreement.

23-24A-31    Attorney general as central administrator or information agent--Rules and regulations subject to administrative procedure law.

23-24A-32    Enforcement and cooperation by state agencies and political subdivisions.

23-24A-33    Agreement in force on enactment into law--Withdrawal by party state.

23-24A-34    Liberal construction of agreement--Severability of provisions.