23-3-1    Police in municipalities--Law governing--Size of force.

23-3-2    23-3-2. Repealed by SL 2011, ch 2, § 104.

23-3-3    Attorney general--Jurisdiction concurrent with state's attorneys.

23-3-4    Papers filed and appearances by attorney general.

23-3-5    Duties of state's attorney in criminal matters unaffected by authority of attorney general.

23-3-6    Division of Criminal Investigation--Control by attorney general.

23-3-7    Personnel of division--Employment by attorney general--Compensation.

23-3-8    Equipment purchase by attorney general.

23-3-9    Expenditures of division limited to appropriation.

23-3-10    Police powers of division personnel.

23-3-11    Personnel of division--Direction of operations by Governor.

23-3-12    Duty of division to prevent and detect violations.

23-3-13    Apprehension of criminals and fugitives by division.

23-3-14    Cooperation of division with local peace officers.

23-3-15    Cooperation of division with agencies of other state, tribal governments, and FBI.

23-3-15.1    Cooperation with Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe--Certain positions to have criminal history checks.

23-3-15.2    Fingerprint check of applicants for certain tribal positions--Fee.

23-3-15.3    Exchange of information.

23-3-16    System of criminal identification and investigation--Maintenance by division.

23-3-17    Assistance by division in establishing local bureaus of identification.

23-3-18    Division as official agency to train law enforcement officers--Intra-departmental training encouraged.

23-3-18.1    Guidelines and procedures for reporting and investigation of missing persons, murdered indigenous women and children, and runaways--Training programs.

23-3-18.2    Collection and sharing of information on missing and murdered indigenous persons.

23-3-18.3    Definitions.

23-3-18.4    Missing persons clearinghouse--Establishment--Purpose.

23-3-18.5    Missing persons clearinghouse--Administration--Requirements.

23-3-18.6    Missing persons clearinghouse--Report--Notification.

23-3-18.7    Missing person clearinghouse--Purpose.

23-3-18.8    Missing person located--Purging of information.

23-3-19    Performance by division of other required duties.

23-3-19.1    State Forensic Laboratory created--Assignment to criminal investigation division--Employees.

23-3-19.2    Scientific examinations conducted by laboratory.

23-3-19.3    Copy of statement of laboratory's or certified chemist's findings as prima facie evidence of facts therein--Force and effect--Personal testimony at accused's request.

23-3-20    23-3-20 to 23-3-25. Repealed by SL 1970, ch 145, § 10

23-3-26    Training of law enforcement officers--Findings and policy.

23-3-27    Law enforcement officer defined.

23-3-27.1    Tribal law enforcement defined.

23-3-28    Law Enforcement Officers Standards Commission--Appointment--Terms of members.

23-3-28.1    Commission supported by attorney general's office.

23-3-29    Death, resignation, or incapacity of commission member--Appointment of successor.

23-3-30    Ex officio members of commission.

23-3-31    Commission membership compatible with other office.

23-3-32    Meetings of commission.

23-3-33    Reports of commission.

23-3-34    23-3-34. Repealed by SL 1971, ch 23, § 2

23-3-35    Powers of commission.

23-3-35.1    Definitions.

23-3-35.2    License required to question person using CVSA--Violation a misdemeanor.

23-3-35.3    Requirements for license as CVSA examiner.

23-3-35.4    Law enforcement canine team certification--Specialties.

23-3-35.5    Canine certification standards and criteria--Rules--Fees.

23-3-36    Commission supported by appropriations.

23-3-37    Acceptance of donations and grants--Report and deposit.

23-3-38    Administration of grants--Efficiency in operation.

23-3-39    Establishment and maintenance of training programs.

23-3-39.1    Airport security training to be provided--Maximum duration.

23-3-39.2    Criteria for accepting person not employed as an officer in training program.

23-3-39.3    Fee for person not employed as officer for training program.

23-3-39.4    Domestic abuse training for law enforcement officers.

23-3-39.5    Initial training to include domestic abuse.

23-3-39.6    Domestic abuse and mental health training for state's attorney or deputy state's attorney.

23-3-39.7    Domestic abuse training to utilize law enforcement officer training fund.

23-3-39.8    Policies on response to domestic abuse situations.

23-3-39.9    Response to resistance training.

23-3-40    Reimbursement of expenses of officers in training.

23-3-41    Probationary appointment of officers until training completed--Maximum probationary employment.

23-3-42    Qualifications prescribed for law enforcement officers.

23-3-42.1    Training in domestic abuse issues required.

23-3-42.2    Unified Judicial System to provide access to juvenile adjudications and dispositions.

23-3-43    Elected county sheriffs not exempt from prescribed qualifications--Education and training required.

23-3-43.1    Certification of qualification of candidate for county sheriff.

23-3-44    Certification of qualified officer trained in another state.

23-3-45    Exemption of officers already serving.

23-3-46    Division of Criminal Investigation to administer programs--Personnel.

23-3-47    Severability.

23-3-48    Legislative finding of necessity for law enforcement training center and other law enforcement facilities.

23-3-49    Attorney general to accept gifts for training center and facilities.

23-3-50    Division of Criminal Investigation to provide training and operate center--Supervision by attorney general.

23-3-51    Law enforcement officers training fund created.

23-3-52    Liquidated costs--Amount--Purposes--Waiver.

23-3-53    Collection by clerk of courts--Transmittal to state treasurer--Funds--Uses.

23-3-54    23-3-54. Repealed by SL 1988, ch 189, § 2

23-3-55    Annual appropriation from fund--Allocation.

23-3-56    23-3-56 to 23-3-63. Repealed by SL 1982, ch 183, §§ 1 to 8

23-3-64    Superseded.

23-3-65    23-3-65 to 23-3-69. Repealed by SL 2012, ch 23, § 10.

23-3-70    Immunity from civil liability for certain good faith conduct.

23-3-71    County coroner training program.

23-3-72    Affidavit alleging fraud, bribery, or gifts violation by public official--Investigation--Referral to state's attorney or attorney general.

23-3-73    Referral to Government Operations and Audit Committee, secretary of state, or Judicial Qualifications Commission.