23-7-56. Enhanced permit--Renewal--Requirements.

A person who holds an enhanced permit to carry a concealed pistol may renew the permit through the sheriff of the county in which the person resides. The period for renewal begins twelve months before the permit expires and ends thirty days after the permit expires.

In order to renew an enhanced permit, a person shall:

(1)    Pass a criminal background check consisting of a computer check of available online records and a check utilizing the National Instant Criminal Background Check System; and

(2)    Present proof that:

(a)    During the period for renewal, as set forth in this section, the person:

(i)    Successfully completed the live fire component of a qualifying handgun course defined in § 23-7-58;

(ii)    Received instruction regarding the use of force standards; and

(iii)    Received instruction regarding relevant criminal statutory changes; or

(b)    The person is a current or former law enforcement officer who, within the twelve-month period preceding the date of the expiration, qualified or requalified on a certified shooting course administered by a firearms instructor approved by the Law Enforcement Officers Standards Commission.

If a person fails to renew an enhanced permit to carry a concealed pistol during the period set forth in this section, the permit is deemed to be invalid. In order to obtain an enhanced permit thereafter, the person shall submit an application and meet all requirements set forth in § 23-7-53.

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