23A-12-1    (Rule 15 (a)) Depositions ordered only as specifically authorized--Order to preserve testimony for trial--Production of other evidence--Witness committed on failure to give bail.

23A-12-2    (Rule 15(b)) Notice to parties of time and place of deposition--Production of defendant in custody--Defendant's right to attend.

23A-12-3    (Rule 15(c)) Governmental payment of defendant's expenses for deposition.

23A-12-4    (Rule 15(d)) Manner of taking and filing deposition--Disclosure to defense of prior statements of witness.

23A-12-5    Sealing and endorsement of deposition--Transmittal to court.

23A-12-6    (Rule 15(e)) Circumstances permitting use of deposition at trial--Use for impeachment--Parts of deposition used.

23A-12-7    (Rule 15(f)) Time of objecting to testimony in deposition--Objections to receiving in evidence.

23A-12-8    (Rule 15(g)) Agreement of parties as to taking or use of deposition.

23A-12-9    Video recording of young sex crime or human trafficking victim's testimony at preliminary hearing or deposition--Use at trial.

23A-12-10    Hearing to record testimony as to additional evidence.