23A-20-1    Jurors summoned for civil actions used for criminal trials.

23A-20-2    Alternative methods of selecting jurors.

23A-20-3    Call of jurors equal to number required including challenges.

23A-20-4    Formation of trial jury as in civil actions.

23A-20-5    (Rule 24(a)) Reserved.

23A-20-6    Prospective jurors--Examination.

23A-20-7    Oath of panel members.

23A-20-7.1    Affirmation permitted in lieu of oath.

23A-20-8    Excuse and replacement of juror disqualified for cause--Challenges for cause on record.

23A-20-9    Kinds of challenge for cause--Taken by either party.

23A-20-10    Order of taking challenges for cause.

23A-20-11    Repealed by SL 1999, ch 284.

23A-20-12    Repealed by SL 1999, ch 285.

23A-20-13    Repealed by SL 1999, ch 286.

23A-20-13.1    Challenges for cause in criminal cases.

23A-20-14    Entry in minutes of challenge to individual juror.

23A-20-15    Objections to challenge of jurors--Denial of facts.

23A-20-16    Trial by court of challenges.

23A-20-17    Examination as witness of challenged juror--Evidence received.

23A-20-18    Allowance or disallowance of challenge to individual juror.

23A-20-19    Peremptory challenge defined--Either party.

23A-20-20    (Rule 24(b)) Number of peremptory challenges allowed.

23A-20-21    Additional challenges granted by court.

23A-20-22    Challenges allowed when more than one defendant.

23A-20-23    Time of motion for additional challenges.

23A-20-24    Alternative methods of exercising peremptory challenges.

23A-20-25    Alternating peremptory challenges.

23A-20-26    Peremptory challenges exercised as in civil trials.

23A-20-27    Trial jury constituted after peremptory challenges--Last jurors chosen as alternates.

23A-20-28    (Rule 24(c)) Impaneling of alternate jurors--Replacement of regular jurors--Qualifications and oaths.

23A-20-28.1    Additional methods of choosing alternate jurors.

23A-20-29    Grounds for excuse of juror during trial.

23A-20-30    Degree of kindred--Direct and collateral line--Descending and ascending direct line--Degrees in collateral line.