23A-27-32. Restitution plan and statement of crime provided--Presentence investigation report in lieu of statement.

Whenever any person is convicted of a felony, the judge before whom such person is convicted shall furnish the Board of Pardons and Parole with a plan of restitution pursuant to chapter 23A-28. The state's attorney of the county in which the person is convicted shall furnish the warden of the state correctional facility with an official statement of the facts and circumstances constituting the crime whereof the convict has been convicted, with all the information accessible to them in regard to the career of the convict prior to the commission of the crime of which he is convicted, relating to the habits, associates, disposition, and reputation of such convict and any other facts or circumstances which may tend to throw any light upon the question as to whether he is capable of again becoming a law-abiding citizen. If a presentence investigation report has been prepared by a court services officer and contains all information otherwise provided by an official statement, the court services officer shall furnish the report in lieu of an official statement.

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