23A-28-3. Plan of restitution--Present inability to make restitution--No pecuniary damages suffered--Hearing--Condition of parole.

If the sentencing court orders the defendant to the county jail, suspended imposition of sentence, suspended sentence, or probation, the court may require as a condition that the defendant, in cooperation with the court services officer assigned to the defendant, promptly prepare a plan of restitution, including the name and address of each victim, a specific amount of restitution to each victim, and a schedule of restitution payments. If the defendant is presently unable to make any restitution, but there is a reasonable possibility that the defendant may be able to do so at some time during the defendant's probation period, the plan of restitution shall also state the conditions under which or the event after which the defendant will make restitution. If the defendant believes that no person suffered pecuniary damages as a result of the defendant's criminal activities, the defendant shall so state. If the defendant contests the amount of restitution recommended by the court services officer, the defendant is entitled to a hearing at which the court shall determine the amount. If the sentencing court orders the defendant to a state correctional facility and does not suspend the sentence, the court shall set forth in the judgment the names and specific amount of restitution owed each victim. The Department of Corrections shall establish the collection schedule for court-ordered restitution while the defendant is in the state correctional facility and on parole. The Board of Pardons and Paroles shall require, as a condition of parole, that the defendant pay restitution ordered by the court.

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