23A-28-1    Policy of state--Enforcement of order.

23A-28-2    Definition of terms.

23A-28-3    Plan of restitution--Present inability to make restitution--No pecuniary damages suffered--Hearing--Condition of parole.

23A-28-4    Submission of restitution plan to court--Approval or modification.

23A-28-5    Factors considered in formulating restitution plan.

23A-28-6    Notice to victims of restitution plan--Civil action against defendant.

23A-28-7    Compliance with restitution plan as condition of probation or suspension--Payments to clerk.

23A-28-8    Failure to comply as violation of conditions of probation--Modification of plan by court--Contempt.

23A-28-9    Civil remedies of victims unimpaired--Restitution payments set off.

23A-28-10    23A-28-10. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 196, § 5.

23A-28-11    Community service restitution--Plan preparation, approval and modification--Recipients exempt from providing reemployment assistance and workers' compensation insurance and certain civil liability.

23A-28-12    Minor victim's medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment or foster care--Sentence requiring payment.

23A-28-13    Unlawful taking of money from store or mercantile establishment.

23A-28-14    Release of certain information to victims of delinquent act of juvenile.