23A-28C-1    Rights of crime victim.

23A-28C-1.1    Notice defined.

23A-28C-1.2    Electronic notification and SAVIN system defined.

23A-28C-2    Notice of rights--Victim registration with SAVIN system--Confidentiality.

23A-28C-3    Enforcement of constitutional or statutory rights.

23A-28C-4    Victim defined.

23A-28C-5    Notice of incarcerated offender's change of status.

23A-28C-6    Notice to be provided by Department of Corrections or state's attorney.

23A-28C-7    Victim or witness assistant--Appointment and compensation.

23A-28C-8    Victim or witness assistant--Duties.

23A-28C-9    Notice to immediate family.

23A-28C-10    Statewide automated victim information and notification system.

23A-28C-11    Notice of clemency hearing--Contents.

23A-28C-12    Notice of discretionary parole hearing--Contents.

23A-28C-13    Victim request for notification.

23A-28C-14    Request for notification by parent or guardian.

23A-28C-15    Sharing of information by interagency multidisciplinary teams.

23A-28C-16    Office of Liaison for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons established--Duties--Budget.