23A-3-1    Definition of arrest.

23A-3-2    Law enforcement officer's power to arrest without warrant.

23A-3-2.1    Circumstances permitting warrantless arrests.

23A-3-2.2    23A-3-2.2. Transferred to § 25-10-35

23A-3-3    Citizen's arrest.

23A-3-4    Advice as to authority and cause of arrest without warrant.

23A-3-5    Manner of making arrest--Physical restraint--Weapons and contraband property--Breaking structure to make arrest.

23A-3-6    Aid to law enforcement officer on request.

23A-3-7    Restriction on place of arrest for violation of local ordinance or bylaw.

23A-3-8    Receipts given for property taken from person arrested.

23A-3-9    Fresh pursuit misdemeanor arrest by officer of another state.

23A-3-10    Fresh pursuit felony arrest by officer of another state.

23A-3-11    Other powers of arrest unimpaired by fresh pursuit authority.

23A-3-12    Taking before magistrate of person arrested by officer of another state--Commitment to await extradition--Discharge if arrest unlawful.

23A-3-13    District of Columbia treated as state.

23A-3-14    Definition of fresh pursuit for interstate felony arrest.

23A-3-15    Citation of provisions on interstate pursuit.

23A-3-16    Arrest for misdemeanor on intrastate fresh pursuit.

23A-3-17    Arrest for felony on intrastate fresh pursuit.

23A-3-18    Disposition of prisoner taken on intrastate fresh pursuit.

23A-3-19    Definition of fresh pursuit in intrastate felony arrests.

23A-3-20    Citation of provisions on intrastate fresh pursuit.

23A-3-21    23A-3-21. Transferred to § 25-10-36

23A-3-22    23A-3-22, 23A-3-23. Transferred to §§ 25-10-38, 25-10-39

23A-3-24    Federal law enforcement officer defined.

23A-3-25    Authority of federal law enforcement officer.

23A-3-26    Definition of expungement.

23A-3-27    Motion for expungement of arrest record.

23A-3-28    Service of motion--Fee.

23A-3-29    Hearing on motion for expungement.

23A-3-30    Order of expungement.

23A-3-31    Report to Division of Criminal Investigation--Retention and use of nonpublic records--Sealing of records.

23A-3-32    Effect of order of expungement.

23A-3-33    No time limitation for making application.

23A-3-34    Defendant's public record--Automatic removal of non-felony charges or convictions--Case record available to authorized personnel--Use as enhancement

23A-3-35    Eligibility of person placed in diversion program for expungement of record.

23A-3-36    Dismissal of charges and notice of completion of diversion.

23A-3-37    Expungement of record on filing of dismissal and notice.