23A-32-4. Appeal by prosecution from judgment setting aside verdict, dismissal, arrest of judgment, new trial, or deviation from mandatory sentence.

An appeal by a prosecuting attorney in a criminal case may be taken to the Supreme Court, as a matter of right, from a judgment or order of a circuit court that:

(1)    Sets aside a verdict and entering judgment of acquittal;

(2)    Sustains a motion to dismiss an indictment or information, as to any one or more counts, or any part thereof, on statutory grounds or otherwise;

(3)    Grants a motion for arrest of judgment or a motion for a new trial; or

(4)    Finds mitigating circumstances to exist in deviating from the mandatory sentencing provisions of § 22-42-2. However, any appeal does not bar or preclude another prosecution of the defendant for the same offense, unless the dismissal is affirmed by the Supreme Court.

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