23A-40-1    23A-40-1, 23A-40-2. Reserved

23A-40-3    23A-40-3 to 23A-40-5. Repealed by SL 1979, ch 159, §§ 30 to 32

23A-40-6    Arrest or detention without formal charge--Assignment of counsel--Certification of indigency required.

23A-40-6.1    Assigned counsel not required where defendant not deprived of liberty--Statement of judge required.

23A-40-7    Representation provided by county or municipality for indigents detained without formal charge.

23A-40-8    Compensation of assigned counsel.

23A-40-9    Compensation of assigned counsel for services after judgment and conviction.

23A-40-10    Funds available from or on behalf of defendant--Order for reimbursement--Applicability--Credit against lien.

23A-40-11    Lien created against property of person for whom counsel provided--Limitation.

23A-40-12    Public defender's lien.

23A-40-13    Statement of claim filed--Enforceability of lien.

23A-40-14    Enforcement or disposition of lien.

23A-40-15    Foreclosure prohibited upon homestead or exempt personal property.

23A-40-16    Correction of mistake in lien record at request of adversely affected person.

23A-40-17    Court appointed attorney and public defender payment fund established.

23A-40-18    23A-40-18, 23A-40-19. Repealed by SL 1988, ch 189, §§ 4, 5

23A-40-20    Annual distribution of moneys in fund--Determination of pro rata payments to counties.

23A-40-21    Training on mental illness and services.