23A-44-1    (Rule 47) Application for order to be by motion--When writing required--Contents--Supporting affidavit.

23A-44-2    (Rule 48(a)) Dismissal of charges by prosecution--Defendant's consent required during trial.

23A-44-3    Dismissal of charges for unnecessary delay in prosecution.

23A-44-4    Discharge of defendant and release of bail on dismissal of charges.

23A-44-5    Subsequent prosecution not barred by dismissal.

23A-44-5.1    Time allowed for disposition of criminal case--Periods excluded--Dismissal.

23A-44-6    Trial in one county as bar to prosecution in another.

23A-44-7    Service on parties of motions, notices, and similar papers.

23A-44-8    (Rule 49(b)) Service on attorney for party--Service as in civil proceedings.

23A-44-9    23A-44-9. (Rule 49(c)) Reserved

23A-44-10    (Rule 49(d)) Filing with court of papers to be served--Filing as in civil proceedings.

23A-44-11    (Rule 50(a)) Placement on calendars--Preference to criminal proceedings.

23A-44-12    23A-44-12. (Rule 50(b)) Reserved

23A-44-13    (Rule 51) Exceptions not required to preserve objection--Objection not required when no opportunity.

23A-44-14    (Rule 52(a)) Defects not affecting substantial rights disregarded.

23A-44-15    (Rule 52(b)) Plain error noticed though not brought to court's attention.

23A-44-16    23A-44-16. Repealed by SL 2008, ch 118, § 1.

23A-44-17    Content of record.