23A-48-19Criteria for awarding earned discharge credits.

A probationer shall be awarded earned discharge credits while on supervised probation as follows:

(1)    For each full calendar month of compliance with the terms of supervised probation an earned discharge credit of 30 days shall be awarded to a probationer. Each earned discharge credit shall reduce the term of supervised probation by 30 days. No earned discharge credit may be awarded for a partial month or the last two full months of supervised probation. No earned discharge credit may be awarded for any month, or portion of a month, during which the probationer is incarcerated.

(2)    A probationer shall not receive an earned discharge credit for any month(s) during which a probation violation is pending before the court. If the court does not sustain the probation violation, the court may enter a written order awarding earned discharge credits to the probationer for the months the probation violation was pending before the court. Absent such an order the probationer shall not be entitled to any earned discharge credit for such period of time.

(3)    Earned discharge credits shall not be awarded to a probationer for any month(s) in which a probationer is absconded. Additionally, a probationer shall not be awarded earned discharge credit for any month in which the probationer was sanctioned for conduct that disqualifies the probationer from receiving earned discharge credits as provided by the graduated response grid.

(4)    A South Dakota probationer placed on supervised probation who is supervised in another state under the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision is eligible for earned discharge credits pursuant to §§ 23A-48-15 to 23A-48-22, inclusive.

(5)    Earned discharge credits shall be applied to the probation term within fifteen days after the end of the month in which any credit was earned. A probationer who is eligible for earned discharge credits shall be notified of their probation discharge date on a semi-annual basis.

Source: SL 2014, ch 257 (Supreme Court Rule 13-15, § 5), eff. Jan. 1, 2014; SL 2015, ch 275 (Supreme Court Rule 15-13), eff. July 1, 2015; Supreme Court Rule 24-02, eff. Feb. 20, 2024.