23A-49-1    Real property subject to forfeiture for crime listed in chapter 34-20B or 22-24A.

23A-49-2    Conveyance used in common carrier business not subject to forfeiture--Exception.

23A-49-3    Stolen and leased conveyances not subject to forfeiture--Exception.

23A-49-4    Conveyance not subject to forfeiture for acts or omissions of nonowner--Exception.

23A-49-5    Item not subject to forfeiture for act or omission without owner's knowledge or consent.

23A-49-6    Victim protected against forfeiture by victim immunity.

23A-49-7    Seizure of property by court process.

23A-49-8    Seizure of property without court process.

23A-49-9    Time for instituting proceedings.

23A-49-10    Seized property subject only to order of court or official.

23A-49-11    Attorney general action with respect to seized property.

23A-49-12    Property subject to security interest--Action by attorney general.

23A-49-13    Civil action--Standard of proof.

23A-49-14    Procedure in forfeiture proceedings involving property other than real property or conveyances.

23A-49-15    Procedure in forfeiture proceedings involving real property or conveyances.

23A-49-16    Service of process by mail where person released on bail.

23A-49-17    Answer by party in interest.

23A-49-18    Disposition of property by court where no appearance made.

23A-49-19    Trial--Disposition of property by court.

23A-49-20    Attorney general's disposition of forfeited property.

23A-49-21    Seized property--Written report--Contents.

23A-49-22    Seized property--Searchable website or spreadsheet.

23A-49-23    Seized property--Information to be public.

23A-49-24    Seized property--Fees and costs recouped.

23A-49-25    Seized property--Promulgation of rules.