23A-50-6. Appointment of mental health response teams--Confidentiality of records.

The presiding judge of each judicial circuit may appoint one or more mental health response teams. Each team appointed must include a court services officer for the jurisdiction where the team is to operate, a mental health provider, and a member of law enforcement, and may also include a representative that works with jail administration and one or more representatives from the public. The Unified Judicial System shall maintain a record of the membership of each team. The team may operate telephonically or through electronic communications.

The records prepared or maintained by the team are confidential. Notwithstanding, the records may be inspected by or disclosed to justices, judges, magistrates, and employees of the Unified Judicial System in the course of their duties or to any person specifically authorized by order of the court.

Source: SL 2017, ch 109, § 21; SL 2023, ch 79, § 7.