23A-51-11. Chief defender--Authority.

The chief defender may:

(1)    Hire or contract for attorney, professional, technical, and support personnel;

(2)    Establish an administrative office within the Office of Indigent Legal Services;

(3)    Exercise supervisory authority over all employees of the office;

(4)    Assist the commission in the development of standards related to indigent representation services;

(5)    Monitor, evaluate, and enforce compliance with standards adopted by the commission;

(6)    Develop strategic plans, and conduct research and studies, to inform the objectives of the commission;

(7)    Develop strategic plans to expand the office's scope of providing indigent representation to include additional case types;

(8)    Establish branch public defender offices;

(9)    Provide training and support to indigent defense attorneys statewide; and

(10)    Perform other duties as may be prescribed by the commission.

Source: SL 2024, ch 95, § 11, eff. Mar. 18, 2024.