23A-6-1    Indictment or information required for prosecution of offense--Exceptions.

23A-6-2    (Rule 7(b)) Reserved.

23A-6-3    Preliminary hearing required for filing felony information--Exceptions.

23A-6-4    (Rule 7(c)(1)) Allegations contained in indictment or information--Incorporation by reference--Citation of law--Error in citation.

23A-6-5    (Rule 7(c)(2)) Reserved.

23A-6-6    Additional allegations not required against accessory before fact.

23A-6-7    Contents required for sufficiency of indictment or information.

23A-6-8    Presumptions need not be stated--Judicial notice.

23A-6-9    Precise time of offense need not be stated.

23A-6-10    Endorsement of witnesses on information--Calling other witnesses.

23A-6-11    Allegation as to money or securities stolen.

23A-6-12    Description of money taken by robbery or theft.

23A-6-13    Allegations in indictment or information for perjury.

23A-6-14    (Rule 7(c)(3)) Sufficiency of indictment or information despite nonprejudicial defect.

23A-6-15    Erroneous allegation as to victim of offense.

23A-6-16    Unavailability of instrument on indictment or information for forgery.

23A-6-17    Statutory words not required in indictment or information--Interpretation of words and phrases.

23A-6-18    (Rule 7(d)) Surplusage stricken on motion.

23A-6-19    (Rule 7(e)) Amendment of information before trial--Allegation of new offense--Amendment during trial.

23A-6-20    Amendment to correct name of defendant.

23A-6-21    (Rule 7(f)) Reserved.

23A-6-22    Suppression of names and details in rape, incest, or sexual contact prosecution.

23A-6-22.1    Suppression of name of minor victim of rape, incest, or sexual contact and details of alleged acts.

23A-6-23    (Rule 8(a)) Joinder of related offenses in same indictment or information.

23A-6-24    (Rule 8(b)) Joinder of two or more defendants in same indictment or information.

23A-6-25    Election between offenses or counts not required--Separate statements in verdict.

23A-6-26    (Rule 9(a)) Warrant or summons on indictment--Delivery for execution--Warrant on defendant's failure to respond to summons.

23A-6-27    (Rule 9(b)(1)) Form of warrant--Contents--Endorsement as to bail.

23A-6-28    (Rule 9(b)(2)) Form and contents of summons--Time of required appearance--Signature.

23A-6-29    (Rule 9(c)(1)) Execution or service of warrant or summons--Arrested person brought before court.

23A-6-29.1    Powers granted magistrate judge.

23A-6-30    (Rule 9(c)(2)) Return of warrant or summons to court--Cancellation or delivery to another of unexecuted warrant or summons.

23A-6-31    (Rule 9(d)) Reserved.