23A-7-1    (Rule 10) Arraignment in open court--Procedure--Verification or correction of name--Copy given to defendant.

23A-7-2    (Rule 11(a)) Pleas permitted to defendant--Requirements for plea of guilty or nolo contendere.

23A-7-3    (Rule 11(b)) Consent required for nolo contendere plea--Considerations by court.

23A-7-4    (Rule 11(c)) Advice as to rights to defendant pleading guilty or nolo contendere.

23A-7-5    (Rule 11(d)) Ascertainment of voluntary nature of guilty or nolo contendere plea--Pleading by attorney to misdemeanor--Imposition of sentence.

23A-7-6    23A-7-6. Repealed by SL 1979, ch 159, § 6.

23A-7-7    Pleading to habitual offender information--Jury trial.

23A-7-8    (Rule 11(e)(1)) Plea bargaining permitted--Concessions by prosecutor permitted--Notice to victims.

23A-7-8.1    Victim's failure to comment--Effect.

23A-7-9    Disclosure of plea agreement and victims' comments to court--Acceptance or rejection--Report by prosecuting attorney.

23A-7-10    (Rule 11(e)(3)) Advice to defendant as to acceptance of plea agreement.

23A-7-11    (Rule 11(e)(4)) Advice to parties as to rejection of plea agreement--Withdrawal of plea by defendant.

23A-7-12    (Rule 11(e)(5)) Time of notification to court of plea agreement.

23A-7-13    (Rule 11(e)(6)) Evidence of guilty or nolo contendere plea inadmissible after withdrawal--Exception in perjury prosecutions.

23A-7-14    (Rule 11(f)) Factual basis required before acceptance of plea other than nolo contendere.

23A-7-15    (Rule 11(g)) Record of proceedings at which plea entered--Contents.

23A-7-16    Guilty but mentally ill plea--Prerequisites to acceptance.