24-11-1    Jail defined--Classification of jails.

24-11-2    Establishment of county jail at expense of county.

24-11-3    Counties without jails or juvenile detention facilities--Overcrowded or unsafe jails and facilities--Confinement in adjoining political subdivision--Expenses.

24-11-4    Agreements between political subdivisions for use of jails--Termination of agreement.

24-11-4.1    Creation of area jail or juvenile detention facility compact--Liquidated damages for withdrawal without consent--Acquisition of facilities--Funding--Operation--Lease with compact.

24-11-4.2    Annual prisoner rate for members--Additional compensation to sheriff--Daily prisoner rate for nonmembers.

24-11-4.3    Money collected for housing prisoners--Distribution to member operating facility and compact debts--Excess funds.

24-11-5    Confinement of fugitive from justice--Compensation.

24-11-6    Confinement of federal prisoners--Compensation--Penalty for violation.

24-11-7    Sheriff's calendar of federal prisoners in custody--Transmission to federal district judge--Allowance and payment for keeping prisoners.

24-11-8    Charges for prisoners confined by authority other than county in which jail located--Amount fixed by county--Special jail building fund.

24-11-9    24-11-9. Repealed by SL 1985, ch 15.

24-11-10    Required fireproofing for designated jail.

24-11-11    Heat and furnishings for jail--Expense.

24-11-12    Appointment of jail physician--Physician's reports.

24-11-13    Officer in charge of jail--Conformance to policies and procedures.

24-11-14    Removal of prisoners in case of fire--Alternate place of confinement not deemed escape.

24-11-15    24-11-15. Repealed by SL 1979, ch 161, § 12.

24-11-16    Jail records to be maintained.

24-11-17    Duty of sheriff to keep commitment orders and like documents--Copies of returns--Return as prima facie evidence of right to confine prisoner.

24-11-18    24-11-18. Repealed by SL 1981, ch 195, § 5.

24-11-19    Separation of sexes.

24-11-20    Failure to separate sexes as misdemeanor.

24-11-21    Furnishing prisoner necessaries--Receipt of medical treatment as assignment of insurance proceeds, etc.--Unrecovered payments as lien.

24-11-21.1    Medical provider to submit claim for services to insurer before submitting claim to county.

24-11-22    24-11-22. Repealed by SL 1979, ch 150, § 37; SL 1979, ch 161, § 12.

24-11-23    Policies and procedures--Adoption--Contents.

24-11-24    Posting and distribution of policies and procedures.

24-11-25    24-11-25. Repealed by SL 1983, ch 198, § 7.

24-11-26    24-11-26. Repealed by SL 2015, ch 58, § 4.

24-11-27    Power of circuit judge to visit jail and make order--Violation of order as contempt.

24-11-28    Work required of certain prisoners--Determination by sentencing court whether prisoner should work--Particular work permissible.

24-11-29    Inmates requesting work.

24-11-30    Sentence for violation of state law--Work performed under direction of county board and for county.

24-11-31    Sentence for violation of local law--Labor performed under local governing body for its benefit.

24-11-32    Prisoner's compensation for work--Payment to dependents--Allowance by board of county commissioners.

24-11-32.1    Charge against work release pay for maintenance cost--Waiver by commissioners.

24-11-33    Crediting work against fine imposed.

24-11-34    24-11-34. Repealed by SL 2014, ch 118, § 1.

24-11-35    Prevention of escape while working.

24-11-36    Protection of working prisoners from public annoyance.

24-11-37    Communication with working prisoner as petty offense.

24-11-38    Malfeasance by jail officials--Misdemeanor.

24-11-39    Municipality, county, or jail compact authorized to construct, lease, operate, purchase, maintain, or manage correctional facilities--Contract with private entity.

24-11-40    Contract for placement of inmates or prisoners--Certain private entities excepted.

24-11-41    Requests for proposals by public notice--Written approval of law enforcement official for contracts.

24-11-42    Requirements of contract for correctional facility.

24-11-43    Liability of private entity contracting for correctional facility.

24-11-44    Sections 24-11-39 to 24-11-43 liberally construed.

24-11-45    Prisoner liable for costs of confinement--Deferred payment plan or waiver.

24-11-45.1    County lien for costs of confinement.

24-11-46    Prisoner liable for fines, restitution, and obligation.

24-11-47    Possession of alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, marijuana, or weapons as felony.

24-11-47.1    Possession of electronic communications devices, tobacco products, or other unauthorized items as misdemeanor.

24-11-48    Delivery of prohibited items to inmate as misdemeanor or felony.

24-11-49    Involuntary treatment of prisoners with psychotropic medication.

24-11-50    Hearing prior to treatment--Panel--Rights of prisoner--Order--Appeal.

24-11-51    Periodic review of involuntary treatment.

24-11-52    Emergency involuntary treatment.

24-11-53    Records of involuntary treatment.

24-11-54    Immunity from liability for involuntary treatment.

24-11-55    Repealed.

24-11-56    Repealed.

24-11-57    Repealed.

24-11-58    Repealed.

24-11-59    Repealed.

24-11-59.1    Repealed.

24-11-60    Training on symptoms of mental health problems and defusing mental health crises.