24-15-28. County expenses in detaining parole violator--Reimbursement--Limit--Timeframe--Exclusion.

The state shall reimburse any county of this state for expenses the county incurs for the detention of a parolee pursuant to §§ 24-15-19 and 24-15-21. The reimbursement may not exceed ninety-five dollars per day. Upon receipt of the bill, the state shall make reimbursement within thirty days. No county may be reimbursed by the state for costs incurred from detaining a parolee held for criminal charges unrelated to the parolee's current conviction and sentence.

Source: SL 1994, ch 191, § 1; SL 1999, ch 130, § 1; SL 2014, ch 120, § 2; SL 2023, ch 81, § 1.