24-15-1    Files and case histories of inmates--Purposes—Access to file.

24-15-1.1    Parole defined--Prisoner not required to accept parole--No right to parole.

24-15-1.2    Prior felonies--Determination and effect on parole eligibility.

24-15-2    Contents and sources for case histories.

24-15-3    Establishment of date of parole consideration eligibility--Change--Hearing--Completion of history--Findings regarding inmate.

24-15-4    Inmate sentenced to life imprisonment ineligible for parole--Exception.

24-15-4.1    Inmate sentenced to term of imprisonment ineligible for parole--Exception--No discharge credit.

24-15-4.2    Inmate sentenced to term of imprisonment ineligible for parole--Exception--Limited discharge credit.

24-15-5    Time of eligibility for parole.

24-15-6    Effect of concurrent sentences on eligibility for parole.

24-15-7    Effect of consecutive sentences on eligibility for consideration for parole.

24-15-7.1    Effect of consecutive sentence for offense committed as an inmate.

24-15-8    Right of eligible inmate to hearing before board--Decline of parole--Waiver of hearing--Criteria for parole.

24-15-8.1    24-15-8.1 to 24-15-8.3. Repealed by SL 2014, ch 116, §§ 13 to 15.

24-15-9    Transfer of inmate to Human Services Center--Return to correctional facility.

24-15-10    Waiting period for new application after denial of parole or clemency.

24-15-11    Restrictions on parolee--Bond--Restitution--Child support--Supervision fees.

24-15-11.1    Substituting community service for supervision fees.

24-15-11.2    Revenue to general fund.

24-15-11.3    Promulgation of rules establishing supervision fees.

24-15-12    Clothing and travel expense for parolee.

24-15-13    Legal custody of parolee--Conviction remains in effect.

24-15-14    Supervision of parolees--Employment of personnel.

24-15-15    Out-of-state employment of parolee--Supervision by other state--State laws remaining applicable.

24-15-16    Interstate agreements for supervision and return of parolees unimpaired.

24-15-17    24-15-17, 24-15-18. Repealed by SL 1983, ch 200, §§ 1, 2.

24-15-19    Powers of Department of Corrections when purposes of parole not being served.

24-15-20    Order to show cause against parole revocation--Grounds.

24-15-21    Warrant to arrest parolee or inmate--Suspension of parole supervision time--Time credited.

24-15-22    Records and report to board on return of parolee to correctional facility.

24-15-23    Preliminary hearing on parole violation--Waiver of preliminary hearing--Detention for board hearing--Waiver of appearance at revocation hearing.

24-15-23.1    Preliminary hearing on parole violation not required under certain conditions.

24-15-23.2    Failure to provide preliminary hearing prior to return to facility--Hearing required after return.

24-15-24    Revocation or modification of parole.

24-15-25    Parole of mentally ill inmate--Continuation of treatment as condition.

24-15-26    Arrest of parolee--Notification to executive director.

24-15-27    Request to modify parole agreement.

24-15-28    County expenses in detaining parole violator--Reimbursement--Limit--Timeframe--Exclusion.

24-15-29    County expenses in detaining parole violator--Reimbursement--Process.

24-15-30    Written waiver of right to hearing or appearance.