24-2-17. Record of inmate conduct and infractions--Notice--Challenge to findings or sanctions--Investigation--Modification--Use of record.

The warden of a state correctional facility shall keep a true record of the conduct of each inmate and shall specify each infraction of the rules of discipline. An inmate shall receive notice of every entry on the inmate's record of each such infraction of the rules of discipline and shall have thirty days to challenge the validity of the finding that the inmate committed the rule infraction or the disciplinary sanction imposed by notifying the warden. After investigation, the warden may determine that the inmate did not commit the rule infraction and revise the record accordingly. The warden may also modify the imposed disciplinary sanction or rule infraction upon approval of the secretary of corrections. The record shall be used whenever the question of any inmate's eligibility for parole or discharge arises pursuant to § 24-5-1.

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