25-10-1    Definitions.

25-10-2    Application for relief--Filing--Venue.

25-10-3    Petition for protection order--Procedure--Standard petition form.

25-10-3.1    Persons entitled to apply for protection order.

25-10-3.2    Factors for determining significant romantic relationship.

25-10-3.3    Petition for protection order in which allegations support stalking or physical injury rather than domestic abuse.

25-10-4    Hearing--Time--Service on respondent.

25-10-5    Relief authorized on finding abuse--Time limitation.

25-10-5.1    Counseling required for domestic abuse defendant placed on probation.

25-10-5.2    Restrictions on issuance of mutual orders for protection against abuse.

25-10-5.3    Court to require instruction in parenting as part of sentence in certain convictions--Exception.

25-10-6    Ex parte temporary protection order.

25-10-7    Limited duration of temporary order--Service on respondent--Notification of service to petitioner--Liability.

25-10-7.1    Temporary order effective until order under § 25-10-5 served.

25-10-8    Security not required of petitioner--Exception.

25-10-9    Departure of petitioner from household not waiving right to relief.

25-10-10    Modification of order.

25-10-11    Real estate titles not affected.

25-10-12    Delivery of order to law enforcement agencies.

25-10-12.1    Enforcement of foreign protection orders--Requirements.

25-10-12.2    Filing of foreign violence protection order--Affidavit--Entry in database--Fee.

25-10-12.3    Reliance on foreign order--Immunity from liability.

25-10-12.4    Presentment of false order or denial of service a misdemeanor.

25-10-12.5    Affirmative defense.

25-10-13    Protection order--Violation--Penalty

25-10-14    Citation of chapter.

25-10-15    25-10-15. Repealed by SL 2011, ch 132, § 5.

25-10-16    Award of domestic violence program funds--Recipients--Restricted use--Administrative costs.

25-10-17    25-10-17. Repealed by SL 2011, ch 132, § 6.

25-10-17.1    Persons convicted of crimes involving domestic abuse required to support domestic violence programs.

25-10-18    Guidelines for awarding domestic violence program funds.

25-10-19    25-10-19, 25-10-20. Repealed by SL 2011, ch 132, §§ 7, 8.

25-10-21    Prohibited services.

25-10-22    Effect of divorce or other civil proceedings prior to criminal proceedings.

25-10-23    Conditional bond--Violation as misdemeanor.

25-10-24    Surrender of weapon or concealed pistol permit.

25-10-25    Convicted defendant prohibited from contacting victim.

25-10-26    25-10-26, 25-10-27. Repealed by SL 2011, ch 132, §§ 9, 10.

25-10-28    Domestic violence or sexual assault shelters and service programs--Required services.

25-10-29    25-10-29. Repealed by SL 2011, ch 132, § 11.

25-10-30    Promulgation of rules.

25-10-31    25-10-31 to 25-10-33. Repealed by SL 2011, ch 132, §§ 12 to 14.

25-10-34    Domestic abuse charge to be indicated on summons, warrant, or judgment of conviction.

25-10-35    Arrest of person for abuse--Considerations.

25-10-36    Arrest of criminal suspect when responding to domestic abuse call.

25-10-36.1    Arrest of domestic abuse victim for outstanding warrant.

25-10-37    Domestic abuse record keeping.

25-10-38    Report of domestic abuse arrest forwarded to prosecutor--Victim to be notified of status of case.

25-10-39    Records of domestic abuse--Disclosure of victim's location during pendency of action.

25-10-40    Restrictions on release of person charged with domestic abuse.

25-10-41    Conditions of release of person charged with domestic abuse.

25-10-42    Convicted child abuser or sex offender barred from adopting child.

25-10-43    Defendant prohibited from contacting victim prior to court appearance--Violation as misdemeanor.

25-10-44    Mental illness hold--Release.