25-4-1    Marriage dissolved only by death or divorce--Status of parties after divorce.

25-4-2    Grounds for divorce.

25-4-3    Adultery defined.

25-4-4    Extreme cruelty defined.

25-4-5    Willful desertion defined--Special conditions applicable.

25-4-6    25-4-6, 25-4-7. Repealed by SL 1974, ch 173

25-4-8    Refusal of intercourse as desertion--Refusal to live together.

25-4-9    Desertion by departure during absence of spouse induced by fraud.

25-4-10    Desertion by cruelty or threats causing departure of spouse.

25-4-11    Separation by consent not desertion.

25-4-12    Intent to desert formed during proper absence.

25-4-13    Desertion by refusal of reconciliation after separation.

25-4-14    Offer to return curing desertion--Refusal of offer as desertion.

25-4-15    Willful neglect defined.

25-4-16    Habitual intemperance defined.

25-4-17    Continuous period of desertion, neglect, or intemperance required.

25-4-17.1    Irreconcilable differences defined.

25-4-17.2    Dissolution of marriage--Legal separation--Continuance--Orders during continuance--Consent of parties.

25-4-17.3    Use of affidavits to establish jurisdiction and grounds for divorce.

25-4-17.4    Validation of divorce granted without personal appearance.

25-4-18    Chronic mental illness as discretionary ground.

25-4-19    Grounds for denial of divorce.

25-4-20    Connivance defined.

25-4-21    Collusion defined.

25-4-22    Condonation defined--Required elements.

25-4-23    Condonation not implied by endurance of continuing conduct constituting ground for divorce.

25-4-24    Fraudulent concealment of ground of divorce avoiding condonation.

25-4-25    Conjugal kindness as condition subsequent to condonation.

25-4-26    Revocation of condonation and revival of ground for divorce.

25-4-27    25-4-27, 25-4-28. Repealed by SL 1973, ch 161

25-4-29    25-4-29. Repealed by SL 2014, ch 121, § 2.

25-4-30    Residence requirements for divorce or separate maintenance.

25-4-30.1    Venue of action--Change by defendant.

25-4-31    25-4-31, 25-4-32. Repealed by SL 1974, ch 174, § 3

25-4-33    No presumption as to same domicile of parties--Separate domiciles after separation.

25-4-33.1    Automatic temporary restraining order upon service.

25-4-34    Waiting period before trial of divorce and separate maintenance actions--Temporary orders and preliminary proceedings during waiting period.

25-4-34.1    Validation of prior decrees granted on sixtieth day--Deadline for contesting validity.

25-4-35    Validity of proceedings on service by publication under prior law.

25-4-36    25-4-36, 25-4-37. Repealed by SL 1974, ch 173; SL 1974, ch 174, § 2

25-4-38    Alimony pending action.

25-4-39    Separate maintenance granted on denial of divorce.

25-4-40    Action for separate maintenance without divorce--Alimony and support.

25-4-41    Allowance for support when divorce granted.

25-4-42    Security for payments required of spouse--Receivership--Allowance withheld when recipient's estate sufficient.

25-4-43    Repealed.

25-4-44    Division of property between parties.

25-4-45    Child custody provisions--Modification--Preference of child.

25-4-45.1    Fault not considered in awarding property or child custody--Exceptions.

25-4-45.2    Intervention by attorney general or state's attorney when support assigned to state.

25-4-45.3    Adoption of fee schedule for home studies or investigations ordered by court in custody proceedings.

25-4-45.4    Counsel appointed for child in certain divorce or custody proceedings--Duty of counsel--Assistance--Costs.

25-4-45.5    Consideration of domestic abuse and assault conviction in custody award.

25-4-45.6    Consideration of conviction for death of other parent in custody award.

25-4-45.7    Protective orders and arrest reports considered in determining existence of history of domestic abuse.

25-4-45.8    Consideration of reporting abuse falsely or without good cause in custody award.

25-4-46    Alimony, support, property, and child custody provisions subject to review on appeal.

25-4-47    Restoration of former name to wife--Validation of prior decrees.

25-4-48    25-4-48, 25-4-49. Repealed by SL 2014, ch 121, §§ 3, 4.

25-4-50    25-4-50. Repealed by SL 1973, ch 162

25-4-51    Report of divorces to department of health.

25-4-52    Visitation rights for grandparents--Enforcement by circuit court.

25-4-53    25-4-53. Repealed by SL 1990, ch 184

25-4-54    Visitation rights of grandparents--Child placed for adoption.

25-4-55    Exclusion of child from custody proceedings.

25-4-56    Custody and visitation disputes--Mediation order--Exceptions--Investigation--Allocation of costs.

25-4-57    Court appointment of mediator.

25-4-58    Adoption of court rules establishing minimum qualifications of mediator.

25-4-58.1    Minimum qualifications for family court mediators.

25-4-58.2    Conduct of Family Court Mediators.

25-4-59    Privacy of mediation proceedings.

25-4-60    Confidentiality of mediation communications and mediator's work product.

25-4-61    Written mediated agreement--Signing--Court approval.

25-4-62    Recommendation by mediator to court upon parties' failure to agree.

25-4-63    Custody and visitation disputes--Appointment of parenting coordinator.

25-4-64    Parenting coordinator appointment at party request or on court's own motion.

25-4-65    Qualifications of parenting coordinator.

25-4-66    Appointment upon consent of parties.

25-4-67    Parenting coordinator application form.

25-4-68    Term of parenting coordinator--Resignation--Discharge.

25-4-69    Parenting coordinator fees and costs.

25-4-70    Duties of parenting coordinator.

25-4-71    Attorney and parenting coordinator fees related to motion.

25-4-72    Authority of court.

25-4-73    Standards of conduct for parenting coordinators.

25-4-74    Communications with parenting coordinator not confidential.

25-4-75    Motion to reopen case to divide assets omitted from property division.

25-4-76    Equitable division of inadvertently omitted assets.

25-4-77    Remedies for intentional concealment of omitted assets.

25-4-78    Attorneys fees for motion for omitted assets.

25-4-79    Jurisdiction over motions for omitted assets when court of this state entered original decree.

25-4-80    Jurisdiction over motions for omitted assets when court of another state entered original decree.

25-4-81    Time for filing motion for inadvertently omitted assets.

25-4-82    Time for filing motion for intentional concealment of assets.

25-4-83    Nonexclusive remedies.