25-7-6.10. Factors considered for deviation from schedule.

Deviation from the schedule in § 25-7-6.2 must be considered if raised by either party and made only upon the entry of specific findings based upon any of the following factors:

(1)    The income of a subsequent spouse or contribution of a third party to the income or expenses of that parent but only if the application of the schedule works a financial hardship on either parent;

(2)    Any financial condition of either parent that would make application of the schedule inequitable. If the total amount of the child support obligation, including any adjustments for health insurance and child care costs, exceeds fifty percent of the obligor's monthly net income, it is presumed that the amount of the obligation imposes a financial hardship on the obligor. This presumption may be rebutted based upon other factors set forth in this section;

(3)    Any necessary education or health care special needs of the child;

(4)    The effect of agreements between the parents regarding extra forms of support for the direct benefit of the child;

(5)    The obligation of either parent to provide for subsequent natural children, adopted children, or stepchildren. However, an existing support order may not be modified solely for this reason; or

(6)    The voluntary and unreasonable act of a parent that causes the parent to be unemployed or underemployed, consistent with the provisions of § 25-7-6.26.

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