25-7-1    Duty to support spouse.

25-7-2    Liability for necessaries supplied to spouse.

25-7-3    Abandonment or separation of spouses--Liability for support.

25-7-4    Failure to support spouse as felony.

25-7-5    Duty to support spouse.

25-7-6    25-7-6. Repealed by SL 1991, ch 212.

25-7-6.1    Obligation of parents to support child--Liability of absent parent--"Continued absence from the home".

25-7-6.2    Support obligation schedule.

25-7-6.3    Determination of parents' monthly net income--Sources of income.

25-7-6.4    Rebuttable presumption of employment at minimum wage.

25-7-6.5    Assets considered when income insufficient.

25-7-6.6    Profits or losses shown on federal income tax schedules as gross income--Court allowance of deduction.

25-7-6.7    Allowable deductions from monthly gross income.

25-7-6.8    25-7-6.8. Repealed by SL 2018, ch 160, § 1.

25-7-6.9    Income above the schedule--Child support adjusted to appropriate level.

25-7-6.10    Factors considered for deviation from schedule.

25-7-6.11    Periodic adjustments in support.

25-7-6.12    Review and amendment of schedule.

25-7-6.13    Modification of prior orders of support.

25-7-6.14    Abatement of portion of child support--Modification.

25-7-6.15    Allocation of travel costs by court.

25-7-6.16    Medical support--Insurance--Computation of costs--Apportionment between parents.

25-7-6.17    Large adjustment in support phased in.

25-7-6.18    Order allocating child care expenses.

25-7-6.19    Credit for child support arrearages for parent with primary physical custody during period of custody.

25-7-6.20    Lien on payment or installment of support under an order of support--Notice.

25-7-6.21    Credit on monthly support obligation for social security or veteran's dependent benefits.

25-7-6.22    Rebuttable presumption that second job income not to be considered in establishing support obligation.

25-7-6.23    Offset of support obligation when each parent has primary physical custody of at least one child--Computation--Assistance from department.

25-7-6.24    Change of physical custody of child without court approval--Order to pay child support.

25-7-6.25    Form to request reimbursement of medical or health care costs--Small claims procedure.

25-7-6.26    Effect of failure to furnish financial information--Imputation of income.

25-7-6.27    Shared parenting child support cross credit.

25-7-6.28    Child residence with parent for a night--Residence for days.

25-7-6.29    Written finding for establishment or modification of child support order--Best interest of child.

25-7-7    25-7-7. Repealed by SL 1989, ch 220, § 19.

25-7-7.1    Continuation of duty to support.

25-7-7.2    Expenses incurred on child's behalf--Fee schedule.

25-7-7.3    Previously ordered support payments not subject to modification--Exception.

25-7-7.4    Unpaid payment or installment of support as judgment.

25-7-7.5    Filing of sworn statement or certificate of unpaid support due--Effective date of judgment.

25-7-7.6    Court may order payment of arrearages.

25-7-7.7    Termination of child support order upon disestablishment of paternity.

25-7-8    Stepparent's duty to support spouse's children.

25-7-9    Adult child supported by parent.

25-7-10    Liability of parent for necessaries supplied to child.

25-7-11    25-7-11. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 182, § 2.

25-7-12    Allowances to parent out of child's property.

25-7-13    Support of spouse and children out of property of absentee, prisoner or mentally ill person--Application to circuit court--Notice--Trial and judgment.

25-7-14    Reimbursement of county from deceased parent's estate for support provided child.

25-7-15    Desertion of child under ten as felony.

25-7-16    Nonsupport of child by parent as misdemeanor--Felony where parent leaves state--Spiritual treatment--Unemployment.

25-7-16.1    Cash bond for nonsupport applied to child support arrearages.

25-7-17    Abandonment or nonsupport of child by parent as prima facie evidence of intent.

25-7-17.1    Parent's choice of health services permitted in legitimate practice of religious beliefs not violation of support requirements.

25-7-18    25-7-18. Repealed by SL 1982, ch 195, § 2.

25-7-19    Marital status and divorce decrees immaterial to criminal liability--Status of unborn child.

25-7-20    Parent's criminal liability not relieved by other parent's custody or support provided by others.

25-7-20.1    Complaint for nonsupport signed by representative of department.

25-7-21    25-7-21. Repealed by SL 2018, ch 160, § 2.

25-7-22    Communications not privileged in nonsupport prosecutions--Husband and wife as witnesses.

25-7-23    Abandonment and nonsupport of spouse or children as prima facie evidence of intent.

25-7-24    Release on undertaking to support spouse or child--Amount and terms of undertaking.

25-7-25    Cancellation of undertaking for support on demonstration of good faith.

25-7-26    Arrest and forfeiture of undertaking on failure to comply--Trial--Commitment or release on new undertaking.

25-7-26.1    Posting bond by obligor--Notice.

25-7-27    Adult child's duty to support parent when necessary--Notice required.

25-7-28    Adult child's right of contribution from brothers and sisters for support of parent--Notice required.

25-7-29    25-7-29. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 26, § 5.

25-7-30    Proof of marriage and parentage.

25-7-31    25-7-31 to 25-7-36. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 218, §§ 62 to 67.

25-7-37    Chronically delinquent defined.

25-7-38    Late fee for certain chronically delinquent child support payments.