25-8-7. Proceedings to determine paternity or compel support--Civil action and procedure--Remedies authorized.

An action to determine paternity or proceedings to compel support by a father, including a proceeding to compel payment of reasonable expenses pursuant to § 25-8-3, are civil actions governed by the Rules of Civil Procedure. They are not exclusive of other proceedings that may be available on principles of law or equity.

Upon determining paternity of a child, the court shall give judgment declaring the paternity of the father to the child. The court may award a money judgment to the appropriate party for the recovery of any of the following reasonable expenses:

(1)    Those provided in § 25-8-3;

(2)    For the education, support, or funeral expenses for the child; or

(3)    For any other expenses with respect to the child as the court deems reasonable.

The court shall enter an order for the support and custody of the child. The court may require the person ordered to pay support to give reasonable security for providing the support. The court may modify or vacate any order issued pursuant to this section at any time.

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