26-11A-1    Establishment, maintenance, and operation of juvenile correctional facilities and programs.

26-11A-1.1    26-11A-1.1. Repealed by SL 2004, ch 168, § 72

26-11A-1.2    26-11A-1.2. Repealed by SL 2002, ch 132, § 1

26-11A-1.3    26-11A-1.3. Repealed by SL 2004, ch 168, § 73

26-11A-1.4    Department authorized to lease former state property--Disposition of revenue.

26-11A-2    Acceptance and expenditure of funds--Approval.

26-11A-3    Liability for medical and related services cost for committed juvenile--Securing payment on failure of responsible party to pay.

26-11A-4    Prohibition against court's commitment of juvenile to specific department facility or program.

26-11A-5    Age limit for juvenile within departmental jurisdiction.

26-11A-6    Age limit for placement of child sentenced as adult into juvenile facility--Affect on status.

26-11A-7    Jurisdiction and custody of adjudicated juvenile.

26-11A-8    Extent of security and treatment services for committed juvenile--Placement of juvenile.

26-11A-8.1    Treatment and aftercare plans--Treatment team meetings.

26-11A-9    Transfer of juvenile after initial placement.

26-11A-10    Placement contracts regarding juveniles and other states--Transfer of custody--Effect on juvenile's legal rights.

26-11A-11    Custodian of person of juvenile.

26-11A-12    Aftercare supervision program for juveniles conditionally released--Foster care--Terms, conditions, and duration of aftercare given in writing.

26-11A-13    Failure to comply with terms and conditions of aftercare--Duration of temporary detention or shelter--Violations.

26-11A-14    Temporary detention or shelter hearing--Timing--Orders of hearing officer--Holding of juvenile pending hearing.

26-11A-15    Aftercare revocation--Hearing--Notice--Written statement of allegations--Witnesses and evidence--Representation.

26-11A-16    Finding of violation or frustration of purpose--Continuance of aftercare.

26-11A-17    Release of juvenile for continuance of aftercare.

26-11A-18    Form of hearings.

26-11A-19    Reimbursement of expenses--Procedure.

26-11A-20    Grounds for discharge of juvenile--Department's jurisdiction ends at age twenty-one.

26-11A-20.1    Risk and needs evaluation required for juvenile who is not discharged by age nineteen.

26-11A-21    Restoration of juvenile to custody of parent or guardian--Appointment of new guardian.

26-11A-22    Committing court to receive notice of intent to discharge juvenile--State's attorney to notify any involved victim.

26-11A-23    Use of restraints prohibited--Exceptions--"Restraints" defined.

26-11A-24    Definition of terms.

26-11A-25    Monitor within juvenile corrections system--Primary duty.

26-11A-26    Allegations of abuse within juvenile corrections facilities to be reported to monitor.

26-11A-27    Powers and duties of monitor.

26-11A-27.1    Certification that report of activities of monitor does not disclose juvenile's or other person's identity.

26-11A-28    Monitor to report findings of abuse or neglect.

26-11A-29    26-11A-29. Repealed by SL 2002, ch 133, § 2

26-11A-30    Disclosure of identities of juveniles or others requesting assistance not required--Identity of person reporting to monitor to remain confidential.

26-11A-31    Knowingly hindering actions of monitor as misdemeanor.

26-11A-32    Retaliatory acts against individual who cooperates with monitor prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.

26-11A-33    Identities of persons or agencies reporting to monitor to remain confidential.

26-11A-33.1    Confidential report of allegations of abuse and neglect within private contracted facilities.

26-11A-34    Records to be provided to the court and Department of Social Services.