26-6-1    Agencies and institutions defined as child welfare agencies--Department of Social Services.

26-6-1.1    Chapter not applicable to day care services provided by school board for children of enrolled students.

26-6-1.2    Definitions.

26-6-2    26-6-2 to 26-6-6. Repealed by SL 1985, ch 211, §§ 2 to 6

26-6-6.1    Continuing foster care to age twenty-one.

26-6-7    26-6-7. Repealed by SL 1971, ch 165, § 13

26-6-8    License required to place child for adoption--Relatives and guardian excepted.

26-6-9    License or registration required for child care or placement by public or private agency--Waiver violation as misdemeanor.

26-6-10    26-6-10. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 222

26-6-11    Application for license--Investigation--Issuance--Conditions--Records--Public inspection.

26-6-12    Provisional license authorized.

26-6-13    Duration of licenses--Suspension or revocation--Assignment prohibited--Display or availability for inspection.

26-6-14    Categories of child welfare agency licenses.

26-6-14.1    Family day care defined--Number of children allowed.

26-6-14.2    Registration of family day care homes--Rules--Exemption--Investigation--Duration of registration--Assignment prohibited.

26-6-14.3    Issuance of child welfare license--Criminal record of applicant to be secured--Waiver by applicant--When application denied.

26-6-14.4    Persons to whom criminal record requirement applies.

26-6-14.5    Waiver, fingerprinting, and declaration as condition of employment--Time--Immediate termination of employee.

26-6-14.6    Meaning of conviction--Evidence of conviction.

26-6-14.7    Transfer of criminal record clearance when changing employment.

26-6-14.8    Unregistered family day care defined--Number of children allowed.

26-6-14.9    Submission of employees' names to department--Central registry background checks--Notification to provider--Issuance of certificate.

26-6-14.10    Prohibition of licensure, registration, or operation by person convicted of child abuse or other felony, or whose name appears on registry--Failure to report as misdemeanor.

26-6-14.11    Prohibition of child care by person convicted of child abuse, sex offense, or other felony, or whose name appears on registry--Violation as misdemeanor.

26-6-14.12    Before and after school day care exempt from zoning, uniform building, and safety provisions.

26-6-14.13    Information from another state's central registry or national crime database to be used only for background check.

26-6-15    Specification in licenses and registration certificates of work authorized.

26-6-15.1    Additional number of children in day care--Staff-to-child ratios.

26-6-15.2    Additional number of children in day care center operating preschool program.

26-6-16    Rules for child care by licensed or registered agencies promulgated by department--Matters included in rules.

26-6-17    26-6-17. Repealed by SL 1985, ch 211, § 11

26-6-18    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 151, § 7.

26-6-18.1    Establishment and support of day care centers by counties and municipalities.

26-6-18.2    26-6-18.2. Repealed by SL 1985, ch 77, § 42

26-6-18.3    Appropriation for day care centers.

26-6-18.4    Approved programs required for payments to nonprofit organizations--Records and periodic audit.

26-6-18.5    Exemption of program from zoning, building and fire and life safety codes.

26-6-19    Department of Health visitations and inspections.

26-6-20    Records on children in care of agencies--Information confidential.

26-6-20.1    Definition of terms.

26-6-20.2    Separation of residents' moneys required of homes and centers.

26-6-20.3    Demand trust account deposit of moneys not kept in center--Deposit with state treasurer by public agency.

26-6-20.4    Deposit of money for resident when over specified amount.

26-6-20.5    Surety bond required of facility handling more than specified monthly amount--Bond amount.

26-6-20.6    Safeguards and records required of facilities.

26-6-20.7    Public audit of records.

26-6-20.8    Revocation of license--Cause.

26-6-20.9    Surrender of moneys and funds upon discharge of resident--Receipt--Deposited funds.

26-6-20.10    Escheat of unclaimed property under specified value after death of resident--Notice to relatives--Time--Disposition of property or money.

26-6-21    Placement of children for adoption--Consent by agency to adoption.

26-6-21.1    26-6-21.1. Repealed by SL 2002, ch 130, § 1

26-6-22    Notice to remove child from child welfare agency.

26-6-23    Grounds for revocation or refusal to issue or renew child welfare agency license or registration.

26-6-23.1    Revocation or refusal to issue or renew license or registration for child abuse or violence.

26-6-23.2    Central registry background checks on employees.

26-6-24    Notice of intended revocation or refusal of renewal of license or registration--Hearing on protest--Temporary suspension.

26-6-25    Investigation by department of unlicensed and unregistered operations--Further action by department.

26-6-26    26-6-26. Repealed by SL 1985, ch 211, § 14

26-6-27    Educational and incidental activities exempt from chapter--State institutions.

26-6-28    Reduction of number of children in foster care.

26-6-29    Shelters for battered spouses exempt.

26-6-30    26-6-30 to 26-6-34. Repealed by SL 2004, ch 167, §§ 6 to 10

26-6-35    Foster care for person under continuing juvenile jurisdiction who is over the age of majority.

26-6-36    Definitions relating to religious child-placement agencies.

26-6-37    Adverse action defined.

26-6-38    Child-placement agency not required to provide service that conflicts with sincere written religious policy.

26-6-39    State may not take adverse action against child-placement agency acting on basis of sincere written religious policy.

26-6-40    Licensure and state benefit programs available to religious child-placement agency.

26-6-41    Religious child-placement agency to be independent from state.

26-6-42    Child-placement agency may not decline service on basis of race, ethnicity, or national origin.

26-6-43    Claim or defense based on §§ 26-6-36 to 26-6-50.

26-6-44    Relief available for successful claim or defense.

26-6-45    Sovereign immunity not waived.

26-6-46    Broad protection of free exercise of religious beliefs and moral convictions.

26-6-47    Other law in conflict preempted.

26-6-48    Time for asserting claim.

26-6-49    Construction with federal law.

26-6-50    Other child-placement agencies not limited by actions of religious child-placement agency--Best interest of child.

26-6-51    Monitor--Designation--Primary duty.

26-6-52    Monitor--Powers and duties.

26-6-53    Findings of abuse or neglect--Report.

26-6-54    Persons requesting assistance--Identity--Confidentiality.

26-6-55    Hinderance of monitor--Violation as misdemeanor.

26-6-56    Retaliatory acts--Prohibition--Violation as misdemeanor.

26-6-57    Persons making report--Identity--Confidentiality.