26-8A-12.2Abuse and neglect screening required of certain current and potential employees and volunteers--Written consent required.

Upon receipt of names of current or potential employees or volunteers from the Juvenile Division of the Department of Corrections, any adolescent treatment program operated by the Department of Human Services or the Department of Social Services, any entity recognized as administering a CASA program as provided in § 16-2-51, any nationally accredited child advocacy center recognized by the Department of Social Services, or a court considering appointment of a guardian ad litem for a child in a proceeding pursuant to chapter 26-8A, the Department of Social Services shall compare the names to the central registry for abuse and neglect and report any findings to the requesting program director, to the Bureau of Human Resources and Administration human resource manager, child advocacy center, or to the court. Any potential employee or volunteer under this section shall give written consent before completion of the abuse and neglect screening. Failure to submit to abuse and neglect screening disqualifies an applicant from employment or appointment.

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