26-8A-1    Purpose of chapter.

26-8A-2    Abused or neglected child.

26-8A-3    Persons required to report child abuse or neglected child--Intentional failure as misdemeanor.

26-8A-4    Additional persons to report death resulting from abuse or neglect--Intentional failure as misdemeanor.

26-8A-5    Application of terms.

26-8A-6    Report of abuse or neglect by hospital personnel--Failure as misdemeanor--Written policy required.

26-8A-7    Child abuse or neglect reports by school personnel--Failure as misdemeanor--Written policy required.

26-8A-8    Oral report of abuse or neglect--To whom made--Response report.

26-8A-9    Investigation of oral report--Other action permitted--Appointment of attorney--Compensation.

26-8A-10    Report to social services--Content.

26-8A-10.1    Notice to child's parents of determination of abuse or neglect--Contents--Confidentiality.

26-8A-10.2    Exception to notice requirement.

26-8A-11    Request to amend or remove record--Administrative hearing--Decision.

26-8A-11.1    Request for a hearing to release name of complainant in unsubstantiated investigation.

26-8A-12    Operation of central registry for abuse and neglect--Adoption of rules.

26-8A-12.1    Abuse and neglect screening of head start employees and adoptive or foster parents.

26-8A-12.2    Abuse and neglect screening required of certain current and potential employees and volunteers--Written consent required.

26-8A-12.3    Central registry check of kinship, foster care, adoption, and child welfare agency employment applicants.

26-8A-12.4    Central registry check of prospective foster or adoptive parents at request of governmental social service agency for another state.

26-8A-13    Confidentiality of abuse or neglect information--Violation as misdemeanor--Release to certain parties.

26-8A-13.1    Certain child protection records to be provided to the court, court services, state's attorney, or agencies--Discovery--Fees.

26-8A-13.2    Consent of possible caretaker required for central registry screenings.

26-8A-13.3    Allegations relating to military parent or guardian--Notice to defense department family advocacy program.

26-8A-14    Immunity from liability.

26-8A-15    Communications not privileged in child abuse or neglect cases.

26-8A-16    Photographs, videotapes, or other images, and medical examinations taken without consent--Disposition.

26-8A-17    Child protection teams.

26-8A-18    Appointment of counsel--Compensation--Assistance.

26-8A-19    Abused and neglected child defense fund--Distribution to counties--Pro rata.

26-8A-20    Appointment of representative of child's best interest--Duties.

26-8A-21    Reasonable efforts to eliminate need for removal--Reasonable efforts to return child to home--Determining adequacy of efforts.

26-8A-21.1    Exceptions to § 26-8A-21.

26-8A-21.2    Permanency hearing required if child is not to be returned to parents--Court to determine placement--Final dispositional hearing.

26-8A-22    Final decree of disposition--Permitted disposition when parental rights not terminated--Annual permanency hearing for child in foster care.

26-8A-22.1    Court to require instruction in parenting as part of sentence in certain convictions.

26-8A-23    Court-ordered medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment of spiritually-treated child.

26-8A-24    Periodic review hearings of foster care status--Petition for judicial action.

26-8A-25    Criteria for determining continued placement of child separate from home.

26-8A-26    Termination of parental rights--Return of child to parents or continued placement--Annual permanency hearing for child in foster care.

26-8A-26.1    Additional reasons for termination of parental rights.

26-8A-27    Final decree terminating parental rights of one or both parents--Child support arrearages--Custody of child.

26-8A-28    Notice of order or final decree--Service--Appeal.

26-8A-29    Continuing jurisdiction over abused or neglected child.

26-8A-29.1    Request for hearing by relative denied adoptive placement--Time limits--Intervention.

26-8A-30    Testimony of child by closed circuit television--Hearing to determine necessity.

26-8A-31    Persons allowed to be present during closed circuit television testimony--Display of defendant's image in room where child testifies--Recesses for defendant consultation--Court communication--Child testimony outside jury presence.

26-8A-31.1    Rights of child witness.

26-8A-32    Due regard to be afforded Indian Child Welfare Act.

26-8A-33    Proceeding involving child covered by Indian Child Welfare Act.

26-8A-34    Alcohol or drug testing as condition of child placement or return.

26-8A-35    Toxicology test of newborn infant for exposure to controlled substance--Report of positive result.

26-8A-36    Immunity from liability for administering or not administering toxicology test.

26-8A-37    Health care practitioner defined.