26-8B-4. Community response team recommendation--Plan of disposition.

If a community response team as defined in § 26-8D-1 has been established, following any advisory or initial hearing, the court may seek recommendations for community-based interventions and rehabilitative resources from the team. Following adjudication of a child in need of supervision and prior to any disposition to the Department of Corrections, the court may seek a recommendation for a viable community alternative disposition from the team. If the team is unable to provide any recommendation within seven days of the referral, the court may exercise its discretion and make a disposition decision without the input of the team, pursuant to § 26-8B-6. In all cases, the court may adopt the recommendation of the team in part, in full, or reject the recommendation of the team in its entirety.

Following adjudication of a child as a child in need of supervision, the court may continue the case and may require a court services officer to present to the court a plan of disposition.

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